“My husband and I were looking for a beach front resort, but by the time we got around to booking there was nothing left we could afford with our budget. So we looked around and found this little gem! Though it’s not on the beach, it takes literally five minutes to get there. The staff was so nice and the towel flower things they leave on the beds are really cute. It was clean and quiet, a perfect place to relax. “

Shana Wagner

“On my budget, my choice of lodging is slim. Executive Shaw Park Guesthouse is great deal for their price though. I went with a couple of my friends as a spring break thing. When we weren’t at the beach, we were lounging by the roof pool or sipping pina coladas at the bar or we were hitting the bars and nightclubs around the area. The staff was really helpful. We would ask them about things to do in the area and they gave us a list of things we had to do and visit.”

Rita Billings

“It’s a small, simple guest house so if you are looking for a tranquil place to relax, this is it. There’s none of the hustle and bustle that comes with a huge beach resort. The staff is very nice and very personal. The owners are great as well! The rooms are clean and organized, very minimalistic so you’re not overwhelmed by bright colors or weird patterns like some hotels. The furniture is a bit outdated, but it’s sturdy and useable. It’s a great place for someone on a budget. I’d go again.”

Melissa Schaffer

“Great place, great location! It’s far enough from the beach that you won’t be disturbed by early beach goers that don’t care you’re trying to sleep in, but it’s close enough that you can walk to the beach if you don’t have a car. Being more inland, it’s surrounded by restaurants and bars. The desk attendant recommended I check out Margaretville and visit Dolphin Cove.”

Donna Sovey

“The staff is great here! They are always ready to help. The rooms are made every morning and everything is always up to par, none of the half effort stuff from lower quality guest houses. I got to meet the owners too and they were so nice! They suggested some local attractions and pointed us toward some hidden gems.”

Michael Rubo